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Author Topic: Huluganga Ella/Falls (75M)  (Read 2433 times)


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Huluganga Ella/Falls (75M)
« on: March 27, 2013, 10:47:54 PM »

Huluganga Ella/ Falls (75M)
By Dinesh Deckker
(Text & Images are Copyrighted and cannot be used without prior Permission)

Huluganga Ella is located in Kandy District. You can access this waterfall by B305 Kandy Bambarella Road. When travelling towards Bambarella there is a small town named Huluganga.
The fall is located under the famous Huluganga Bridge. The amazing fact is traveler cannot see the there is a fall under the bridge when you are on top of the bridge.  To get the best view you have to travel 50M passing the bridge.

The fall is named Hulu Ganga as its created by Hulu River flowing through Knuckles Range and originated from Gombaniya Mountain (Highest Mountain in Knuckles Range). Hulu river flows down a rock solid granite bed to create this 75M waterfall which is amazing.  Later Huluganga meets the Mahaweli River before the construction of Victoria Reservoir. At Present Hulu River join Victoria Reservoir at Kundasale and passes Elliyadda and Aratthana villages before joining Victoria.

The newly built Dam top of the fall for decreases the flow of the fall yet it supply water to the Kundasale Electorate. The project was sponsored by Kundasale PC and the Sri Lanka Board of Investment (BOI).
The famous tele-drama in 1990s telecasted on Roopavahini  “Alla langa Wallawa” was filmed in this location. The base pool of this fall is very deep and claimed many lives.

Watch Nade Gura Huluganga Ella Documentary:
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