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An Awareness Program For Katugasella Waterfalls Conservation – Kospalawinna, Rathnapura.

Dates: 22th July 2012

We succesfully compleated Katugas Ella awareness Program and plants distribution program on 22nd July 2012. We must thank everybody involved in this program and helped us in various ways.

What did we Do?

According To Conservation Theme Of Team Nade Gura’s “The Travel Through The Conservation” Once again We Have Did An Another Fantastic Conservation Community Project In Rathnapura District Kospalavina Village To Conserve Their Magnificent Waterfall “ Katugas Ella”

If We Talk About The Waterfalls In Srilanka, As a Country We Are So Rich With Maximum Of Waterfalls, As a Quantity Those Are About 380.Indeed Its an Amazing Figure With The Geographical Conditions Of Our Country. The Majority Of Waterfalls Are Belongs To Sabaragumuwa Province Rathnapura District Srilanka, Those Are Almost 109. If We Make a Compare This Quantity With WholeWaterfalls In Srilanka Then Almost 27 Percentage Contributing From “Gems Hidden Land Rathnapura”. That Katugas Ella Waterfall Is One Of The Remarkable Falls Between Other Falls Around Her. She Belongs To Kospalawina Village, Which Village Situated On Left Side Of Rathnapura Colombo Main Way Before Reach 02 Kilometers Of Rathnapura Town. According To Many Villagers In This Kospalawina This Katugas Ella Is Heart Of Their Village. As They Said She Is Such a Dynamic Partner In Their Lives. Not Only Grace With Her, She Has an Unpriceble Biodiversitycle Values. In Front Of Them We Are Really Speechless…Such a Fabulous..

Couple Of Days Ago One Of an Educated & Enthusiastic Village Youngster ( Mr. Sajith Sirimanna ) Connected With Us And He Mentioned About Conservation Needs Of The Falls Katugas Ella, He Showed Us The Importance Of Conserving This Unique Fall In The Rathnapura Region, According To His Perfect Environmental Knowledge At The Falls Katugas Ella, It’ an Amazing Nature System.

The Katugas Ella Falls Feeding By Katugas Ella Forest, Forest Is Located In Rathnapura Municipal Council’s Region,and Its About 103 Hacters, And That Forest Has Been Declared as a Protected Area. This Great Nature System Is an Excellent Home for Many Species, Few of Them Are Representing as an Endangered Species, Some of Them Are Belongs Rare Species Category. Lot Of Floras, an Endemic Fresh Water Fish Species and The Katugas Ella Forest Layer Is an Awesome Place For All Kind Of Lowland Birds, Its Very Usual Picture With The Katugas Ella Environment. And Supplying Residents Facilities For Many Reptiles & Amphibians…Few Mammals Are Also Using This Remarkable Region To Survive.

According To Our Conservation Journey Objective In This Area We Were Met The Villages Through The Awareness Program At The Kospalawina Vidyalaya, Conducted By Us. With The Population Of The Village The Participants Was Quite Amazing. Propagandas Were Really Good and Well Pre Planed an Act By Our Coordinator From Village. We Could Able To Share Some Thing Among The Village Community, About The Importance Of Conservation, Conserving Ways, Life’s In The Waterfalls And Katugasella Forest, Plans For Protection, Future Acts, Waste Management Methods….etc..

Our Team Could Able To Observe About The Pollutions In Waterfall Surroundings. But As We Have Seen Still Ever thing is In he Controllable Conditions. People Usually Consuming This Falls for Their Drinking and Other Water Needs, That’s Why This Katugas Ella Becoming a Peoples Much Friendly Waterfalls In Their Surroundings. With That There Is No Problem At All, Also Youngsters And Villagers Also Using This Falls For Their Bathing, Washing Cloths,And Other Related Things, With The Actual Ordinary Waterfalls Conditions We Have To Ignore Them From The Pollution Tropic. As Well As People Using This Space To Enjoy. Majority Of People Are Doing It With Their Limits And In The Good Discipline, Without Make a Bother For Nature Or Else, But Unfortunately Some Of From Them Doing Best Damaging Part To This Nature System. After Their Alive Time With Their Drunkenness, Broken The Glass Bottles Putting The Pieces In To Waterfalls And Around, That Will Make The Trouble For All. & Taking Plastic Bottles And Foods With Polythine Wrappings & After Consuming Them Release To Every Where In That Environment System…These Are Non Rotten Things And This Holy Nature Has No an Ability To React With Them.

We Have Identified Few Problems Like This Happening Against To Katugas Ella Falls And Via Them We Were Spoke To Community, an Encouraged Them & reated a Thought In Their Mind To Protect This Unique Falls With Own Hands, As Much As We Can. Indeed It Was a Boost Given By Team Nade Gura For Villagers To Make a Contribution To Conserve Their Common Property For Their Tomorrow. As Well As There Was a Tree Distribution Program Also Done By The Organizers, Eagals Sports Club - Kospalavinna Incorporated With This Katugas Ella Waterfalls Conservation Awareness Project.

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